"A great place to get quality food, treats, toys and anything specifically for pets. The staff are friendly and eager to help. My dog had loose runny stools until i started feeding him food from there."

Patricia Spencer

"I love love love paw lickin good!! Everyone is so friendly, they have the best treats and dog food!! You know you're getting the best quality of everything. The bully sticks are my dogs favorite!!!"

Despina Lekkas Lucarelli

"Incredible store with a great selection of high quality food and toys. Knowledgeable women that run the store will help you with everything. We recently did an adoption event for Tails here and I can't say enough wonderful things about them. They love animals just as much as we do!"

Joy Prince

"Never bought 'fancy' pet treats before... Archie loved the oatmeal square and the bacon cheddar bone. Archie is not a sophisticated gourmet, however, I would have taken a bite of the oatmeal square if I wasn't on a low carb diet. Archie had steak scraps and an oatmeal square for dessert and it seems he was more excited about the oatmeal square. We came here because our friends' dog is terminally ill and we are visiting with them tomorrow and wanted to bring something for Charlie and his siblings. They are Boston Terriers and have sensitive stomachs and invariably punish you via olfactory assault if you give them processed human foods. The treats had very helpful labels with their ingredients and we were able to select products that he is able to eat. Also, from what we could see, the ingredients are pretty much all 'natural'. There is nothing goofy in these treats (ever notice that puperoni has antifreeze in it? right there in the ingredients, presumably used as a sweetener. In all fairness propylene glyocol is sweet, but it also highly toxic). Not the case with Paw Lickin' Good. The two treats definitely passed the Archie test. We did screw up and forget to get something for the cats. We didn't even look, so we are expecting a horrible night tonight in terms of feline retribution. Andy and Mr. Peanut pictures included for safety purposes in case they murder us later tonight for not getting them treats."

Nicholas Vuletich

"They have the best high quality foods for your pets. We have noticed our pets have better moods, energy and nicer fur and skin since eating the non-grain foods. The staff are always friendly and very helpful and patient when you have specific questions. I have also noticed their dog toys never fall apart! Can't beat that! I highly recommend this place to anyone who cares for their pets."

Kelly Safarik

"All of the doggie yummies in their bakery case are baked right there, on the premises, using only the highest quality ingredients. They carry an amazing selection of dog and cat food, including many, many raw choices and have the knowledge to help you make the best possible choice. And of course treats, toys, and training products galore! A visit to Paw Lickin' Good Treats is not to be missed."

Loretta Swanson

"I get all my dogs' food, treats and most of their toys at PLGT. I love the quality and selection and their expert advice when I do have a question. And I love that I am supporting a local business."

Toni Moon

"Excellent deals on my favorite brands of food for my dog, including perks on certain brands and $5 off per $100 spent. Staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. They are still taking appropriate covid precautions, which I appreciate."

Matthew Larson